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Privacy Policy

 First: Collecting customer data

 (Dora) website provides a subscription or registration service to customers for the purpose of providing the (Dora) service in the correct manner and to ensure accuracy in the work of the service.  During the registration process, the Dorra website asks customers about the following information:

 - the name

 - mobile number

 - E-mail

 Second: The purpose of the data

 (Dora) website needs customer data for:

 Create a special account for each customer that separates his activity from other customers

 Allocating an electronic shopping basket for each customer, separating his orders from the rest of the customers’ orders

 Customizing a delivery service for each customer.

 Third: Use of cookies

 Unlike many online shopping sites or others, the Durrat service does not use cookies except to store registration information and facilitate the customer’s login process to his own account on the Durrat service.